Tiny Tile Mosaics is OPEN again!

As you all know and have heard, Tiny Tile Mosaics was located on St John in the US Virgin Islands. Unfortunately, Hurricane Irma and then Hurricane Maria demolished our island. We were evacuated from our home and business.

We recently returned to St. John to pick up the pieces. Our house and belonging were a total loss but our mosaic supplies were completely salvagable. We shipped Tiny Tile Mosaics to Massachusetts, reorganized and are open for business!

Thank you for the love, support and your patience through this long process. We are so happy to be back and are restocking our Moroccan tile as quickly as possible.

Our beloved Moroccan Tile

Nano Thin WB05 Pastel Blue
$5.75, 4/$22.00
Nano WB02 Pale Purple
$5.75, 4/$22.00
Oval WG02 Turquoise Blue
$5.75, 4/$22.00
Triangle Tiles WG04 Pistachio Green
$5.25, 4/$20.00
Small Circle Tile WG05 Pale Green
$5.25, 4/$20.00
Micro Tiles WG07 Light Turquoise
$5.25, 4/$20.00
Mini Circle Tile RB07 Intense Blue
$4.50, 4/$17.00
Mini Tiles RB07 Intense Blue
$4.50, 4/$17.00
Nano Thin WG06 Fern Green
$5.75, 4/$22.00