Mettā is a Sanskrit word which means benevolence, loving-kindness,
friendliness, amity, good will and active interest in others.

The Mosaic Love Rock project was brought about during a social distancing nature hike in mid March.  We noticed a lot more people going outside and using the trails to help ground and reconnect with nature.  I knew I had no control over the impending pandemic but had a burning desire to help other people in this time of need.  That weekend my family sat down and produced the first round of a dozen Love Rocks.  We picked a trail and off we went placing our messages of support in some conspicuous and not-so conspicuous places.  We choose a new trail every week and have spread rocks in many different locations in the Massachusetts area. Spreading love through art has been very healing for not only us but for people all over the United States.  We hope you will join us in this fun project! #MosaicLoveRocks

Crystal D’Abbraccio is a mosaic artist that finds great pleasure in teaching mosaics to diverse learners of all ages. She enjoys creating and instructing others how to use mosaics as a way to inspire and spread joy to communities everywhere. Furthermore, she believes that mosaic art can also encourage healing from trauma, illness and loss.  In many ways, the process of creating a mosaic can be used as a healing approach to personal growth and self reflection.

Mosaic work is an assembly of many pieces, sometimes broken, to create a larger and more beautiful whole.  When creating mosaic art, we are “picking up the pieces” in a literal sense but also in a very personal and spiritual way.  The mind and body integration of mosaic therapy can be an empowering and cathartic experience for all to enjoy.

Please email Crystal if you would like to host a workshop or have a custom mosaic piece created for you or a loved one.