Be Love – Heart Kit

Be Love – Heart Kit


Finding your rock is half the fun! This kit has everything you need to create one Mosaic Love Rock. Once completed, gift it to someone in need or head out and find a special place to leave it for another to find. You may never know where your heart might go but you can be assured that it has brought some light and love into the world.  This kit is simple and easy for all ages and great for parties or to send to someone special.  Please let us know if it is a gift so we can gift wrap it for you.
In this kit you will receive enough tiles to cover a 4-5 inch rock, adhesive, grout powder and written directions. Tile colors may vary kit to kit. *Your jar of glue may get firm if not used within a month of purchase.  Try and add a couple drops of water and stir to revive it.  Rock not included


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